With only six days left until the six best days of summer, we thought we’d give you some tips for the best possible Canfield Fair experience!

  1. Even as the weather begins cooling down, it’s always important to keep safe from the heat of the sun. Always have sunscreen ready and remember to apply often for the best results. You can always use your favorite brand, but make sure it’s at least SPF 30. Always be sure to follow the directions provided on the bottle. Nothing stops summer fun like a bad case of sunburn!
  2. Keep Hydrated! Always have a drink handy and make sure you hydrate regularly throughout the day. It’s important to stay hydrated while you tour all that the fair has to offer. But not to worry, on top of the dozens of amazing food and drink vendors, we also provide free water fountains across the fair grounds.
  3. Dress appropriately! Make sure you wear appropriate clothes for the summer weather. While the beginning of the day may be sweltering hot, it’s always good to have a light jacket ready in case it begins to cool off. Remember, it’s always good to check the forecast in advance so you can be prepared for anything!
  4. Rest regularly and take a break from the sun! As summer winds down, we start to get a taste of fall, that doesn’t mean summer is over yet! Always remember, there’s nothing wrong with sitting down and enjoying the sights and sounds of the fair while you rest up and recharge. If you start to feel a little too hot, catch some shade in any of our facilities!
  5. Don’t rush your fun! The fair has a lot to offer! Did you miss something? Forget to visit your favorite attraction or ride your favorite ride? Not to worry! The fair will be open All day from August 30th to September 4th. We don’t call it the Six Best Days Of Summer for nothing!
  6. Try something new! While everyone has their Canfield Fair tradition, there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up and trying new things. Along with all our typical attractions and rides, there are always loads of new things to try each year! Don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Follow these six rules and you’ll have no problem making this the six best days of summer!