For many folks today, the Canfield Fair is all about music, games, food, rides and more food. That’s understandable, because the Fair has all of that in spades (did we mention the food?)

However, those who know the history of the Fair know that long before there were ferris wheels or cotton candy, the Mahoning County Fair (as it was then called) was an event held to recognize the importance, as well as grow the awareness of the significance of Agriculture in this area’s history.

That was in 1846. And even with all the other exciting events going on at the Canfield Fair, the spirit of agriculture and its role in our community has held strong to this day. This day is, of course, National Agriculture Day.

That’s why we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the exhibitors, 4-H participants, farmers and everyone else working hard to keep agriculture alive at the Canfield Fair, the Mahoning County and the entire region. Our Fair is and always has been a celebration of the hardworking people who put food on our plates and remind us of the huge role agriculture plays in a developed society.

Whether you’re a Fairgoer who wants nothing more than an elephant ear to snack on or a livestock enthusiast who shows off the fruits of your labor every year at one of our many exhibitions, the agricultural industry affects you as it does us all.

Thank you to all everyone who is and has ever been a part of the Canfield Fair’s rich agricultural history.

To learn more about National Agriculture Day, check out their website.